Home Ice NY (HINY) is a designer, builder, and maintainer of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal ice rinks.  Since 2013 HINY has been the preeminent seasonal rink builder of the Metropolitan Area.  The HINY team has completed numerous high-end projects for the members of the hockey community, including members of the NY Rangers and advanced Jr. Programs.  HINY is a “Turn-Key” operation, with the ability to do any work necessary to complete a project exactly to the client’s desire.  Landscaping, installation of drainage, assembly of the rink itself and general maintenance are all including in this operation.  Instead of spending money per hour to skate at a rink sometimes miles away, allow us to bring that experience home to you.



Home Ice NY manages, constructs and assembles residential ice rinks.  The first step for in prepping these projects is making sure there is a flat surface to work off of.  Obviously, to get a most efficient ice surface the base layer needs to be flat.  A lot of times we work on new builds so the land has already been graded, but when necessary we sub out the grading of the area to landscapers.  The next aspect that is tackled is the electrical upgrade.  (HINY does NOT do any of the electrical work) That is completed by Con-Ed, as well as fully licensed and insured electrical sub-contractors.  When the base layer is flat and the electrical infrastructure has been upgraded, the parts are ready to be ordered.  The boards, glass, mat, headers and condensers all come directly from the manufacturer.  An insulated sub-floor consisting of rigid insulation, plastic and plywood are then assembled by HINY.  The delivery of rink material is scheduled and then assembled on site by the HINY team.  The rink is flooded and the system is started.

A 3D render of the center mark of an ice hockey rink stadium with a hockey puck and opposing sticks


  • Installation/Breakdown: HINY can install any form of rink.  Have worked with Custom Ice, Accent and Others on installation.  Has the ability to level the base and apply any needed structural adjustments.  Has its own contractor, landscaping and electrical relationships and uses only top of the line service providers.  HINY can also break down the rink and put into storage.
  • Maintenance: HINY has worked with the maintenance of “Home Ice Rinks” for over 10 years.  Has engineers with experience in maintaining the condenser and machinery which is necessary to run the rinks.  Also, carries a staff of laborers ready at all times to clear snow and shape ice.


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